Monday, March 15, 2010

It's not PC, but I don't like snakes

The python came in again last night.

I think it's determined to eat a cat.

Like a genuine nature-blogger, I actually took some photos of it.

I tried to think of some way of frightening/disconcerting it, so it wouldn't want to come back, but apparently I'm not entirely over my snake phobia, which limited me a bit.

I tried tossing pillows at it (no effect), and hurling marulas at it (also no effect).
It accurately perceives me as a gutless wonder.
It slid back out the window after about an hour of me calling it names.
Fortunately, none of the pets noticed it, as their neuroses are bad enough already.
Maybe I should make fly-screens for the windows?
I'm hoping it will hibernate for winter....

I just realised things could be worse: check out this news item from Townsville, Queensland. Click here.


  1. Fly screens are quite effective for keeping out tree snakes here in the Far N Qld rainforest, but I dunno how effective they'd be at discouraging a large and determined python. Only one way to find out, I guess!

  2. Mwuaahaaahaa! I was wondering what those little yellow things were, and then I read the bit about the marula berries ;-)

    Me? Love snakes - particularly constrictors. i saw very interesting footage a couple of years ago, of a rock python staying with her young - the first time such behaviour had been captured.

    In my very limited experience (having kept boa's at a time) the tree dwelling constrictors are very pleasant creatures, unlike the Imifezi in your cobra post!

  3. Chanti,
    I'm glad you can enjoy snakes. I was brought up in Australia (where 9 out of 10 snakes are seriously venomous) and was indoctrinated at a very early age to believe they were terrifying (my mother's attempt to avert mishap). While I've pretty much overcome this irrational fear, I still don't feel comfortable getting up close and personal with even the most pleasant of constrictors!


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