Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The pitter patter of little paws

The time has come!

Far and wide, baby mongooses are tottering out of their termite mounds to view the world for the very first time.

Of course, it can be a shock.

At this tender age (2.5 weeks), the pups haven't yet learnt the meaning of alarm calls.

Goshawk?  What's a goshawk??

So they can't be left on their own.

When the group heads off on their daily hunting trip, one family member has to stay behind to babysit.

A hungry and tedious job.

But then everyone loves a pup.

The two little guys featured here are the newest members of Bugbears: Urchin and Squirt (named after marine invertebrates).

They're only two inches (5cm) long, excluding tail.
At almost three weeks old, they're just discovering the delights of solid food (if you consider beetle larva delightful), but won't be up to travelling with the group for another week or so.

Plenty of time to snooze.

And discover the world.




  1. Exeeding all expectations by far!!!
    They couldn't be cuter even if they wanted!
    Such precious new little arrivals and I hope they all will have an exciting life ahead. For sure you'll have exciting times ahead, with loads of nail biting, right? Thank you so much for letting them out of the bag.

    This made my day!!!!

  2. Oh my. Oh my. Megacuteness!

  3. Cute is the only word for them!!

  4. Oh my! I'm not sure I'd call them cute, but I sure would love sitting next to you and watching.

  5. Biobabbler,
    Yes, it's really exciting watching to see how many are going to emerge, after waiting around for several weeks while the group babysat.

    Fingernails pretty much gone. So many things like to eat these little guys...

    They're a bit bald and ungainly for my taste. But they do improve with age!

    I actually think they're kind of ugly! They look cuter when a couple of weeks older (more fur and less bleary gormlessness). I'll try to get some photos, if they survive that long!

    Yes, the group gets really excited about having pups, with the adults dashing about playing and cuddling them at every opportunity. It's a joy to watch.

    I'm with you on the cute issue, but they're wonderful to watch. Even at this young age they spend lots of time playing, leaping straight up into the air or gnawing on each other's appendages.

  6. They are super cute! I love the one where the little one snoozes in the sun - adorable!
    Saw my first Mongoose this April in Nepal :-)

  7. Dreamfalcon,
    Snoozing in the sun is something that mongooses are very good at. And, of course, it's best to learn early!


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